Character Statements

Statements as to Character Statutory Declaration

Character statements are statutory declarations and must be declared and consented to in the presence of an authorised witness as set out under Section 30(2) of the Oaths and Affirmations Act 2018 using the precise wording provided. 

Please ensure you use the correct form:

  1. Applicant with disclosure statement
  2. Applicant without disclosure statement

A person who supplies a character statement need not be aware of any capacity disclosure. 

Any statutory declaration that relates to an applicant with a disclosure statement must state the date of the applicant's disclosure statement not the date of reading the disclosure or the date of the character statement.

You must provide two statements as to your character, made by persons who:

i) have known you for at least 2 years; and

ii) are not related to you by blood, marriage or as a domestic partner

Statutory declaration can be witnessed remotely and can be electronically signed.   However, they are required to be witnessed either in person or by audio-link with identification document, if required.

Please save the editable form and have the statutory declaration signed/witnessed and uploaded to your application for assessment.

Victorian Legal Admissions Board
Victorian Legal Admissions Board
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